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THE Twelve Symbols for the Twelve Hours of the Day and of the Night, to render oneself Invisible unto every person.

First Hour

Second Hour

Third Hour

Fourth Hour

Fifth Hour

Sixth Hour

Seventh Hour

Eighth Hour

Ninth Hour

Tenth Hour

Eleventh Hour

Twelfth Hour


(a) The Symbols of this Chapter be manifested in part by the Evil Spirits, and in part by the Good Angels.
(b) MAGOT is said to rule the Operations of this Chapter.
(c) The Familiar Spirits do not execute the Operations of this Chapter.
(d) To render oneself invisible is said by Abraham to be a very easy matter. This Chapter contains Twelve Symbols for Twelve different Spirits submitted unto the Prince MAGOT, who are all of the same force. Place the Symbol upon the top of your head (under your head covering) and then you will become invisible, while on taking it away you will appear visible again.