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For every description of Affection and Love.

(1) To be beloved by one’s Wife (or Husband).

(2) For some especial Love.

(3) To be beloved by a Relation.

(4) For a Maiden in particular.

(5) To acquire the affection of a Judge.

(6) To make oneself beloved by a Married person.

(7) To make oneself beloved by a Widow.

(8) By a girl already promised in Marriage.

(9) By a Maiden in general.

(10) By some especial Prince.

(11) By some especial King.

(12) To obtain the friendship of some particular person.

(13) To have that of a Great Man.

(14) To be beloved by a Woman.

(15) To make oneself beloved by Ecclesiastics.

(16) To make oneself beloved by a Master.

(17) To make oneself beloved by a Mistress.

(18) To make oneself beloved by Infidels.

(19) By the Pope, by the Emperor, or by Kings.

(20) For Adulteries in general.


(a) The Symbols of this Chapter are manifested in part by the Angels, and in part also by the Evil Spirits.
(b) Probably BELZEBUD performs this Operation; as those of the Twentieth Chapter are submitted to him; and these two Chapters are classed together by Abraham the Jew in his special instructions, the one being the exact reverse of the other.
(c) The Familiar Spirits can to an extent perform the Operations of this Chapter.
(d) Name aloud the person or persons by whom you wish to be loved, and move the Symbol under whose class they come. But if it be not for yourself that you are operating, but for two or more other persons, whether for love or for hatred, you should still name such persons aloud, and move the Symbols of the class or classes under which they come. Also, if possible, it is a good thing to touch them with the Symbol, on the bare skin, if you can. Under this heading are included all classes of good-will and affection, among the which Abraham says that the most difficult thing is to make oneself or others beloved by religious persons.