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To excite every Description of Hatred and Enmity, Discords, Quarrels, Contentions, Combats, Battles, Loss, and Damage.

(1) To excite Quarrels and Fights.

(2) For Enmity in general.

(3) For Enmities of Kings and of the Great.

(4) For particular Enmities.

(5) For Enmities among Women.

(6) To cause a General War.

(7) To render any one unfortunate in Combat

(8) To put Discord in an Army.

(9) For a particular Discord.

(10) To sow Discord among Ecclesiastics.

(11) For every description of Vengeance.

(12) To cause Battles, Losses, etc.


(a) The Symbols of this Chapter are manifested in part by the Angels, and in part also by the Evil Spirits.
(b) BELZEBUD performs the Operations hereof
(c) The Familiar Spirits cannot well execute the Operations of this chapter.
(d) See instructions for Chapter XIX., which serve equally for that, and the present Operation.