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caput tertium
This chapter has to do with the seven Grand Dukes Whenever you intend to summon spirits, you need to put the seal of the spirit whom you want to call three steps in front of the circle so that you can show your intention. The following is the Seal of Aziel, who is the first of the grand dukes:
(Sun) They call me Aziel, and I am a ruler over all hidden treasures of the Earth. I have power to open all treasures and I give them to the persons to whom I like to give them. I also try shrewdly to cheat in whichever way I can. My planet is the Sun, and my paladin Carmielis is my servant. I am appearing in the shape of a bull, but I can also assume any other form. You ought to give me rulership over everything because I have many legions of spirits serving me. I am a Grand Duke. You need to coer ce all my subordinates with force, which is the same way you have to coerce me, because I am a Grand Duke on Earth who has many things under his command. Therefore you need to summon me the right way, otherwise I will not appear before you. You should e ngrave my other character (= sigil) in gold. I will only tell you this other seal if you ask me to do so. I am as fast as human thought.


My name is Ariel, and I appear in the shape of a dog. I command everything above and below the Earth. Many legions are under my command, and I am a fast spirit: as fast as a roe deer. Some people will benefit from me. Others I will hurt. I will always be acting in the manner in which you will have summoned me. I am an obstinate spirit who will not follow the call of any person. Therefore you have summon me with power before I will appear. Many millions of spirits are under my command, and I am a ruler over the treasures of all gods. I am as fast as the wind.


I am the spirit who is ready to serve. I appear in the shape of a ten year old boy. It is useful to summon me at any time, and I am as fast as an arrow.


I am the grand master of many arts and of luck in general. You can learn things in an instant. You need to summon me four times. I have quite a selection of spirits under my command who are serving me. Whenever I command them to serve they do so fast.


I am a water Lord over the seas and over all waters. I rule over everything that lives in water. I am fast and I may give everything provided that you summon me right. Then I shall appear and I may also please you.


I am a great spirit who appears as a little child. I serve anybody provided that he or she summons me right. I am ruler over the affairs of law. Many spirits have to obey me. I also like to please everybody, and I can make honor, riches, status, and a lot of luck.


I, Faust, asked once my Grand Duke Aziel how I could tie and coerce humans. He replied to me that he could mot tell me that, so I told him to write it down for me rather than to tell me in words. "Oh!" Said the spirit, "my Faust, I truly should not have made an agreement with you, my Faust! However, I am going to write it down right here so that you will know the answer: My Faust!

1. F. this is my coercion, when I have to say Jesus Christ is in 2.3.
V. the flesh comes
4. with the omnipotence
of god, this is not to discover
and when I should keep my promise to
someone, then he needs to have me swear by
the cross,
6. until I will give my sign
This is the sign as it stands here.

imperium magnum

The Infernal Empire is as follows:

The following are the seven Grand Dukes of the Infernal Empire:

These are the Grand Ministers and secret Infernal Counsels

These are the Spiritus Familiares of the Infernal Empire

Caput Quartum
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