Doctor Faust's
Last Testament

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 The following describes the most powerful main summoning and conjuration. With it you can bind all spirits, you can torture them, and you can make them to bring to you everything that you demand of them.



When it happened that my time and hour were soon to come, I decided to leave my testament to every operator, so that he would be able to coerce all spirits under his will and to bind them as well. I have done so with the coercions that follow in this book.


caput primum...

. . . has to do with my agreement. 1. Should you, Lucifer, bring me two tons of gold.

 2. Should this gold

 be valid everywhere, and all those to whom I give it should benefit from it. 3. Should this gold not be counterfeit nor should it be of material that may be rejected, nor should it disappear or turn into coal or into similar such things, but it should be of such metal which has been used by human beings and which is valid in all places and in all countries.

 4. Should all treasures be open to me and it should never be necessary that I have to dig them up with my own hands, but you should bring them to where I want to have them without any effort from my part.

5. Should you hurt me neither on body nor on limbs. You should not attack my health. I should keep body and health in good health without any weakness until I will have finished my set time of life.

 6. Should you not only carry me from one place to another with the speed of human thought, no matter how far the places are apart, but you should also give me knowledge of every local language so that I can speak it easily. After I have had my fun at such a place, you should me bring back to my previous place. You should do all this without any harm to me.

 7. Should you provide me with a ring which I can use to be invisible and invincible whenever I put it onto my finger.

 8. Should you teach me how to prepare the universal medicine, as well as you should show me and tell me the correct use of it, the powers, and the weights and potencies that I have to use when I give it to any person.

 9. Should you promise and affirm to me that you will follow all the above points without fail. Should you, however, fail or delay in this, then you should have no peace from this book at any day, and you should not be left in peace any more and in all e ternity.

caput secundum..

. . . has to do with the setting up of the circle

This main circle is much needed for all citations. With it, you are capable to bind the whole infernal army and to coerce and overpower it as well. This is so because this circle is so powerful that no spirit is capable to withstand it no matter how str ong the spirit may be. The other three circles have already been described in previous chapters. On the place where you intend to erect the circle, you need to trace it with a sword with which no hunman being has been hurt. In the hour of Saturn, you t race a cross through it. Then you make the circle with a narrow piece of paper that you lay around the circle. After you have made the circle in such a way, you go into it walking backwards, and you stand on the star. Be sure to make everything in the right size so that you do not miss. Remember well that you need to speak loudly and clearly when you do the summoning.


caput tertium

Before you summon, it is good to read the gospel of St. John that begins with the words "In the beginning was the word . . ." and you read it up to the words ". . . full of grace and truth." Then you go on to the works. Be sure that you have the prescri bed pentacles #20 and #21 with you as well as the four last ones (from the last chapter of the previous book). If you summon a treasure you need to have written in front of your cap the letters: I.N.R.I.
Here is the circle.
This Hazel Serpent is very useful in many of the free arts.
You may find it beneath the filbert nut bush. When you find it, do not touch it with your hands. As you see the snake, take a stick of hazel wood and hit it. This is the way to kill the snake . Carry the head and skin with you. This way you will be safe from all enemies and you will always be victorious. You will also receive favors from persons in high positions.

Doctor Johann Faustis
Coat Ride

At first, lay a large red coat on the ground. In the middle of it you trace the following seal.
In the hand you hold the seal as shown below.
Then go onto the coat, walking backwards. You need to be sure to stand in the middle of the symbol, and do not step your feet outside this symbol, otherwise the trip will not be a happy one. When you are standing firmly, you begin with the summoning bel ow and you tell where you want to ride. If you want to leave a room, be sure that the windows are open. If they are not, the spirit will not get out and pass through the walls. The consequence may be great disaster! Be sure that you hold the seal alwa ys tightly in your hand.


I call thee, spirit Aziel memomui and go with me to (name of the place), I am going to do with you what I want to have. Say this summon three times. After this, the coat will lift off, with you on it, and it will go where you asked it to go.

General Coercion of All Spirits

+ + +
Romubabal + Sualabob + Schobal + Samitasa + Mabul + Absumaba + Bethael + Culiel + Daniel + Faniel + Gabriel + Humigiel + Israel + Kafariel + Musiala + Musia + Sinaelienae linerasiel farami. I coerce you by the power of the mighty one who is everything in everything, I bind you with the power of the majesty of all majesties, with whom Hiob, Salomo, has forced the spirits into water, I bind and coerce also with the power of the depth of wisdom of all wisdoms, that you fulfill my will right now without resi stance. Anami + Misalemi + + +
I conjure thee spirit (name of spirit) by the creator of the heaven and earth and the judge of the living and the dead, that thou, spirit (spirit name) appears to me hurriedly and that thou fulfillest what I want. Therefore I coerce thee and bind thee sp irit (name of spirit) the strong lion from the tribe of Juda who destroys hell and who has taken the power and strength from the devils. I (your name) conjure thee spirit (spirit name) with the words of power Musim, Oseth, Sobsles, Saclagis, Aybulle, come, come, come, that from this hour on thou bringst me that treasure of 1000 ducats, money of valid denomination and which does not change, the way I like to have it. This I command thee spirit (name of spirit) by all the words of power in totality Ebelias, Lauthor, Iditasita, Hechiomelle, Alpha et Omega. + + +
This I command thee spirit again by the words of power: Jesus Christus has become flesh, with this I coerce you and bind you spirit (name of spirit) and I conjure you with the Lucifer and Beelzebub and all the leaders of the infernal army, and with whate ver names you all might have. + + +
I, (your name) coerce thee spirit (name of spirit) and I conjure all you devils with the whole of the infernal army, in hell, on earth, in the airs, in the waters, in the ravines, beneath the heaven, in the fire, wherever you may be in all places on the e arth, and none is exempt, that you command immediately the spirit (name of spirit) that he comes and beings me several thousand ducats and as much as I demand and that he brings this immediately, or else fire should fall on all of you, pain, pain, pain, s hall lie on you until you send this spirit (name of spirit) to me so that he fulfills my demands. + + +

The great infernal empire, as many millions of spirits as it has, I conjure you by the blood that has been shed for the human race and with which we are redeemed, and I conjure all the way into the farthest darkness, I will continue to do so until you ful fill my will exactly and immediately now. O Lamisamaia, Herimicala, Masamimema, limarascha, Jupirachiel, Minefira, Hopi Alali Maialiel misa + fige + Riga.


caput quartum

After this the spirit will appear. Then speak to the spirit: + + + As thou havest appeared in a friendly manner after my summoning and as thou havest come without delay, so I tell thee spirit (name of spirit) thanks and praise for such faithful and willing service.


Now go on in peace. Go wherefrom you have come. Do so without any rumbling or noise, without hurting the circle and without hurting anybody. Go on in peace from this place, enjoy your right to freedom from now on. Go in peace by the power of Jesus Chr ist who alone gets praise and honor forever in all eternity, Amen.



Now bless your circle again and thank God. Do not misuse that which you have achieved.
My and our circle, we will open it again in the name of God so that no evil spirit could hurt us. This shall be so in the name of God.
You make this seal above on a Good Friday in the hour of Midnight on lead and copper. If you put it on a treasure, then the treasure gives itself so that you can get it. I have used this in Cologne with a large treasure, and I have done many other thing s with it.
This (seal on previous page) is the pillar that terrifies all spirits. O mementum Hyschakos, Schehalamis, Gabrieles, audi Michaelis, Hyschacos Colimny Kyrie Ochea Janvemi, Malamim Oparasat, Nemnomy, Omniny, Messaca, Aschariel, Mipasata, Owa, Tajiair, Kai , iam.



As Christ has descended to hell, holy words of opening, and no spirit could answer him to this.
With these words you can coerce the spirits, you can bind them and bring them to obedience.

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