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Talisman Magick
Tarot Spells
Magia Dei Tarocchi
Magie der Zukunft
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According to Wilhelm Reich, orgone energy is a primordial cosmic energy. It ils universally present and can be demonstrated visually, thermically, electroscopically and by means of Geiger-Mueller counters. In the living organism: Chi-energy, Bio-energy, Prana. Life Force Scientists before Reich: Franz Anton Mesmer, Karl von Reichenbach. Throughout human history, humans have used Life Force for many purposes.  This use of life force was result of practical experience.  Being one of the first technologies of humankind, it naturally became part of humans' religious belief systems and magick, very similar to the use of fire, the making of metals, and natural phenomena. Therefore, most of the time the practical application of life force was linked closely to the religious creed of the culture where it was used. In other words: to its magick !!!  Moreover, whenever an application of life force was successful, the success was considered to be proof of the religious-magickal belief system of the practitioner. Now we can explain the working of magick and all other similar action at a distance such as radionics with ease as a result of the characteristics ("properties") of life force, i.e., structural linkage and negative entropy. In fact, based on the characteristics of life force, we can also explain with ease why abstractions with or without attached object (sigils, magickal words of power, ritualistic elements, magickal utensils, mantras, talismans, etc.) are useful as structural links. Furthermore, this theory also includes, thought forms, psychogons, egregores, as well as spirits, gods, and any other type of collective thought forms!

Grimoires are a favorite for practically all magicians.  This is so, because grimoires contain formulas, incantations, and sigils that are designed to help the practitioner and student of magick in many ways: from evocations to spells to deep insights into the workings of the universe.
Grimoires mean YOUR acces to POWER !!!

We at Magitech have set ourselves a goal:  We decided to put onto this web site as many grimoires as possible.  We believe that grimoires should be available for free to every person who is interested in obtaining them.  Furthermore we put onto this web site sigils of grimoires, to print out or download for free.  If downloading the grimoires or printing them out is too cumbersome, we will give you the option of purchasing a CD with the grimoires at a price substantially less than the printed books would be that contain all this information!
We like to share the power with you !!!

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List of FREE Grimoires
Doctor Johannes Faust's Miracle and Magic Book or The Black Raven or also called the Threefold Coercion of Hell The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage

The Infernal Tarot

The Infernal Manifesto

The Greater Key of Solomon the King

The Little Key of Solomon or The Lemegeton(Goetia)

Grimorium Verum

Arbatel of Magick

 Alchimy (German language)

The Edda (older version, German language)

Christian Rosenkreutz (in German)

Egyptian book of the Dead

Free Courses:
Magick of the Future
Rune Magick
Cosmic Consciousness
Autogenic Training
Talisman Magick
Tarot Spells
Natal Astrology
Magia del Futuro (Espanol)
Magia del Futuro (Italiano)
Magie der Zukunft


Dogma and Ritual of High Magick (Eliphas Levi)

The Book of Doom or the Unholy Bible of Doom -- The First Book of Lucifer

Talisman Magick
Tarot Spells