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Copyright 1994 by Karl Hans Welz
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Talismans are structural links to energies that can trigger specific actions, or results. The person who carries the talisman is energizinging it continuously with his/her own life force.
Talismans provide you with access to Power!

We at Magitech have set ourselves a goal:  To make accessible high quality magickal information and courses for free. Here you find a course that helps you understand why talismans work and how to make your own.
We like to share the Power!
Talismans can be designed for any purpose: for love, money, business, power, spiritual advancement, mental and physical capabilities, and anything else that you can think about.
Talismans are
Tools of Power!

Helpful Course: Magick of the Future

Helpful Course: Introduction to Natal Astrology Helpful Courses: Three Courses of Rune Magick

As far as we look back in written history we find reports of magick. If we go beyond written history and analyze archaeological objects, we find many that we can explain as being magical. We find also magical practices with people that are still living in the stone age. From this we can safely conclude that magic is as old as mankind. The question may arise immediately whether magic is traditional in principle, or whether someone some time back actually invented the principles of this science. This question may be irrelevant as far as the functioning of magickal methods is concerned, but it is very interesting nevertheless.

It is my opinion that magickal interaction with the environment is a result of empirical insights. Early humans had experiences such as precognition and extra sensory perception. They may have been very angry at another person and this person suffered some harm soon afterwards. From such consistent experiences it was only a small step towards actively repeating the experience. Early humans have not been as much blocked by the straightjacket of rigid scientific principles of how the world around is supposed to look and function. The space-time concepts of these beings followed the experience they had. The experience included magickal practice and the results of this practice. Therefore the concepts of space that these humans had were essentially different from our average concepts. With flexible magickal concepts and a lack of the paradigms of established science they were better equipped to perform magickal actions. Their limitation, on the other hand, may have been strict adherence to religious taboos and dogmata that have been pervading primitive society just as perniciously as they do present day societies.

Our times experience a surge in magickal practice. The problem that many practitioners face in our days are their own rigidified concepts of the environment in which they live. This environment has lost its magick in the true meaning of the word! People who have been conditioned at an early age to accept rigidified pop scientific concepts find it very difficult to accept magickal action as something totally natural. In fact, in the course "Magick of the Future" I am showing on hand of practical experiences that this action is just as natural as reaching out with the hand to grasp something.

Naturally the conditioning toward pop science and academic science helps those folks who have a vested interest of keeping the status quo: people of established religion on the one hand and power hungry temple masters of a magickal religion on the other. Worse yet, this rigidity plays well into the hands of those whose only interest lies in totally debunking anything that's magickal.

What I pointed out above should make it clear once and for all: there is nothing supernatural to magick. Intelligent analysis of magickal practice leads to a very few basic scientific principles that explain the whole field with ease. I have demonstrated this beyond the shadow of any doubt in my course "Magick of the Future."

Talismans are as ancient as mankind. Early humans intuitively knew that they could combine symbols, plants, animal parts, etc., for specific purposes such as love, wealth, health, success, or protection.

When organized religion began to take over, talismans gained the aspect of the Divine hierarchies that these religions preached. When such a talisman worked as expected, followers of these religions saw this as a proof that their religion was the only true one. Quite often they were oblivious of the fact that other religious systems also offered talismans that worked. When there was no longer any denying as to effectiveness of talismans from other traditions was possible, these objects were simply considered to be evil.

Many talismans are objects that symbolized the powers invoked. The choice of the object depends on local belief structures and "superstitions". These beliefstructures, of course, vary from region to region, from tribe to tribe. In addition, some of these objects had symbols engraved that represented the forces for help or protection. Again, the symbolisms used in talismans have always been largely dependent on regional belief structures, main religion, secondary religions, and "underground religions" alike.

The talisman can be considered to be a magnet that is designed to attract desired circumstances. Quite often, a talisman has also protective qualities. In this case, it acts passively as an amulet and actively as a talisman. The planetary talismans that are the object of this course play this dual role as protectors and activators. One way of understanding the working of a powerful talisman is to regard it as a battery, or accumulator, of cosmic energies into which the carrier of the talisman may tap whenever needed.

After having received an initial charge (you will learn those methods in a later lesson) and with this charge the structural link to the desired action, the talisman will essentially be self-charging and storing the energy (life energy) until the time when needed. Some very ancient talismans have been found in tombs, temples, and other places all over the world. It is very interesting that many of those objects have still strong charges of psychic power. The "curses" of Egyptian pharaos which destroyed the robbers of their tombs (if true - theoretically at least that's possible!) can be seen in this light of being thought forms that continuously self perpetuate. Personally, I have tuned into many ancient objects, and very often I was capable to "decipher" the charge that was given to them, and to determine the purpose they had, even when I had no idea of the symbolisms that have been used on such objects.

Contrary to a conventional electrical battery, the charge of a talisman seems to be infinite, provided that it receives a continuous supply of life force. This supply comes traditionally from the person who is carrying the talisman. With the invention of the Welz Chi Generator, we have now also an outside source that charges the talisman continuously, ensuring that the energetic principles that are attached to it can carry out their mission continuously. This generator of life force is also an invaluable help if your intention is to make very powerful and exact talismans in the shortest possible time! After having worked through this course, contact us and ask us to charge a talisman for you at a distance with a Welz Chi Generator! We will do one of them for free! Simply e-mail us!

Yet, even with the talisman, there are limitations. Very specific rules have to be observed if the talisman is to be the carrier of that which it is supposed to bring. sometimes potential interferences have to be calculated and dealt with, perhaps by making a special talisman for that purpose! Each talisman should be designed and charged individually for the purpose it is supposed to fulfill. An infinite supply of energy alone does not necessarily mean that the energy does produce what it is expected from the talisman. In this light, I consider it more useful to see in the talisman more than just a battery: to see it as a transformer of the psychic energy that is found everywhere in the universe. This compares perhaps to a prism that disects white light into its colors. When seen under this aspect, the structure of the talisman (by way of linking to the specific trend-energy that is needed to trigger the desired action and cause the desired result to happen) transforms the psychic energy that is everywhere in its non-shaped state into well-defined psychic energy that brings the desired results.

Many more explanations of the functioning of talismans could be written about. However, I am not so much concerned with attempting to explain to you why a talisman works. You find very good explanations of it in the course "Magick of the Future". My emphasis is more on giving you the instructions necessary to actually make powerful talismans and to keep them powerful as long as they are needed. Once you will have made and tested a few talismans, you will know that they work. Such knowledge is much more important than fruitless discussions, or theories. No matter how the functioning of the talisman may be explained, there are myriads of methods to make talismans. Those methods depend widely on the cultural background and religious beliefs of the maker of the talisman, on folkloristic elements, astrological knowledge, and many more factors. As you continue with your studies, perhaps to become a professional talismanologist, you will learn a great many of these systems. In fact, the more of these belief structures you are able to integrate into your work, the more powerful and effective your talismans can be.

There are no limits to the use and envisioned purposes of talismans. The only limits are found at the boundaries of human desires. As we know, the realm of human wishing and desiring can be infinite, because regardless how far a human being may succeed, there is always some goal beyond.

AMULETS are for protection. They serve to defend against demonic, or negative, forces. Amulets may be used to overcome hostile powers of any kind. Some are made specifically to banish the effects of the "evil eye", and to protect against poisonous animals. TALISMANS are designed to draw good circumstances, luck, love, health, success, power, and wealth. In this category fall also many talismans that help you achieve spiritual insights, wisdom, knowledge, and psychic powers. History tells us of many instances in which would-be lovers successfully went on to harness the energies of talismans, after all other means failed.

My own professional practice is filled with stories of success in similar situations. Quite often, a talisman led to the success that had eluded the client for an incredibly long time before. One of the most famous talismans of this kind is the love talisman which was commissioned and worn by Katherina de Medici, Queen of France. It contains all the characteristics of a powerful love talisman. At times when childbirth was a risk for both, mother and child, talismans were designed to protect against demonic influences which are out to kill the newborn. War was one of the most lucrative fields for talismanologists throughout the ages. Talismans to help in battle have been worn by many people. Some warriors paid hefty sums to their priests for some blessed amulet of a saint, or god; and to bless their cannons. Others went on to get more effective help such as well designed talismans which contained energies of protection as well as success. A typical example is the coat of arms which often contains hidden symbols that are exclusively designed for talismanic purposes.

Another widely used field of talismans is in business and politics. Success, power and wealth are pursued by many people. Many of those who made it to the top are crediting this to one or more specifically designed talismans. Some talismans are set into houses, for protection and for success of the inhabitants. Even the structure of houses may follow talismanic principles. Astrological talismans can be used to counteract shortcomings in an individual horoscope.

The material of the talisman can be of importance. On the other hand, when I first learned about talismans, I asked my teacher what the best material would be for a specific talisman. His answer: "take toilet paper'" With this, he meant that the material is of importance, but that the energy that is projected into the talisman is of much greater importance than the "proper matieral" and that there are no ''absolutes'' in talismanic practice, nor are there strict dogmas. As long as the talismanologist can establish a link between the material chosen and the energies desired, the results will be good, regardless what the material.

Throughout the ages, many materials have been used for talismans. In our times, the preferred materials are precious and semi precious stones, clay tablets, wooden tablets, metal tablets, paper, and parchment. Jewelry is often designed function as talismans or amulets. Statues, especially of gods and saints, are considered to work as talismans. Plants and parts of plants are used as talismans, and so are parts of animals such as feathers or claws.


What makes a talisman powerful is the skill of projecting the appropriate energies into it. As I mentioned above, the shape and material of the talisman is not an absolute necessity to consider, but those elements are extremely helpful to the talismanologist. Especially the symbols used are very useful in determining the exact nature of the energies that are projected into the talisman and the results they are expected to bring. Symbols and writing on the talisman increase its effect, and so does the material that is chosen according to universal harmonies and correlations. To put the symbols and writing on a talisman requires a vast knowledge of symbolisms. In this course, you will learn the basics that are necessary. These basics will allow you to make talismans for just about every purpose. If you want to become totally knowledgeable in actually designing talismans for very specific purposes (such as the love talisman of Catherine de Medici which I mentioned above), you need to become thoroughly acquainted with symbolics, cabbalah, astrology, numerology, Runic wisdom, and many other metaphysical disciplines. On many talismans, you find the names of gods, angels, demons, planetary spirits, and other entities (energies of a higher order). Inscriptions are often wishes written in an ancient language. Often you find psalms written around talismans. In addition, you find seals, or symbols, that represent the energies of the beings which are part of the enerqetic make up of the talisman. You also find pentagram, hexagram, the seals of the archangels, planetary intelligences, genii, devas, etc. Very important are also the planetary number squares, often referred to as "magical squares". These numeric squares are generators of the energies of the planet which they represent. There is the possibility of combining the energies of two or more planets in one square.

The chosen material is usually in tune with the planet which rules over the desired effect of the talisman: gold (or bronze) for the Sun, silver for the Moon, brass for mercury, tin for Jupiter, copper for Venus, etc. An important factor is the choice of the best time(s) for making the talisman. The choice of time is based on astrological factors. I will discuss those in a later lesson. All that seems an awful amount of knowledge that you may need to acquire. Yet, as you will find out in the coming lesson, to make a talisman is relatively easy.

As of recent, we have seen significant advancement in the field of talismanology. One of them I mentioned earlier: the Welz Chi Generator. With this extraordinary device you can charge a talisman to highest power at all times. Other advancements are the use of radionic devices and methods of "treasure mapping" as well as computerized design methods.

In all, this seems a huge amount of knowledge that you need to acquire if you want to become proficient in the art of making good and powerful talismans that serve a precise purpose. On the other hand, it is not something that's sheer impossible!

In this course you will learn to make good talismans for a general purpose. Such talismans do not require extensive background training. To make them is relatively easy. This you will find out in the first lesson where you begin with the practice of making talismans. You will make a talisman that will help you harmonize your relations to others. As you proceed through the lessons, you will gain increasingly more insights into this fascinating field until you become a true expert in talismanic practices. gnostic talsimans, abraxas, gnosis, shinto talismans, crystal talismans. Rose quartz, amethyst, lapis pazuli, rune talismans, bind runes, great rune talisman, sleipnir, bind rune talismans, chinese talismans from the I ching, necronomicon talismans from the necronomicon symbols, tantric talismans symbols, sympathetic magic, sympathetic talismans, esoteric talismans, good luck charms, natural magick, bardon talismans, bardonian magick, elemental talismans, nature magick, hermetic talisman wisdom, study talismans, talismanic magick study, talisman course, abramelin talismans, abramelin symbols, lemegeton, key of solomon the king, black pullet, doctor faust, black raven, threefold coercion of hell, wise of the pyramids, grimoire of honorius, 6th and 7th books of moses, book armadel, book arbatel, galdrabok, galdrabook, galdarbook, faust book, sigil magick, practical sigil magick, frater U D, four elements, spheric magick, magick of the spheres, new age talismans, santeria, gonzales-wippler, good luck charms, tarot based talismans, franz bardon, duval, tyson, don craig, chic cicero, ophiel talisman magic, gregor a. gregorius, karl spiesberger, ed fitch, aleister crowley, pascal beverly randolph, p. b. randolph, michel bertiaux, metraux, eliphas levi, planetary talismans, love talismans, mathers, papus, raphael, stanslas de guaita, cavendish, paracelsus, appolonius, apollonius, hermes trismegistos, alchemical talismans, agrippa, heinrich cornelius von nettesheim, golem, commanding talismans, talisman sorcery, talisman magick, babylonian talismans, gnostic talismans, symbols of christian saints, chaldean talismans, babylonian talismans, sumerian talismans, african talismans, yoruba talismans, voodoo talismans, voodoo dolls, norse tradition, tibetan talismans, hammer of thor, irminsul, goddess talismans, power forms by bruce wallach, balancer power form, energizer power form, modern talismans, treasure mapping, golden dawn, igas, igos, international guild of advanced sciences, rosicrucians, rosecrucians, esoteric talismans, amulets,

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