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Astrology for Magicians and Metaphysicists - Lesson 1

Introduction: Magic, Astrology, Astrological Magic, and Magical Astrology

Astrology is one of the oldest ways of humans to take control of their environment and destiny. We can assume that simple empirical beginnings may have been in the human capability to abstract and to generalize. The connection between the path of the Moon and the Sun through the sky and events in nature and behavior of living beings is easy to recognize. Likely these humans saw the Sun and the Moon as deities who had their influence upon events on nature. They observed the night sky and found that there were other bodies in the sky that move against the backdrop of the other stars. From this they may have generalized that those bodies were other gods who, like the Sun and the Moon indicated trends and events by their position in the sky. The position in the sky was perhaps seen as an expression of the will of these gods. The animistic system of the star cult was born. Humans began to observe the position of the planets and their angular distances in the sky, the planets. From such observations they developed a body of experience-based knowledge. From such simple beginnings astrology developed gradually into an extensive system of divination.

The early astrologers did not just tell fortunes. They realized that the cosmic positions of the planets correlated with specific trends. Most of the ancient peoples saw these trends in an animistic way and thought of them as being gods.

The model of the astrological gods led to another development. Soon the ancients found ways in which they were capable of influencing these trends by way of interacting with the planetary gods. From there it was a small step to actually making, or generating, new trends with similar methods. The resulting magic, too, was an empirical science and so was the star cult that developed from a marriage between magic, astrological knowledge, and religious speculation.

As far as magic is concerned, we know that magical action is one of the basic characteristics of life. Like astrology it developed from empirical knowledge. At some point a human being of ancient times may have had some bad thoughts of another person and soon that person was suffering some bad luck. After a few repeats that human being began to develop a mapping of the action, then pass it on to others, and soon a body of knowledge developed that was passed on as a tradition. I see the spontaneous emerging of a shaman in a group of humans as part of the genetic heritage of mankind.

Astrological magic, then, is a logical way to take charge of one's destiny. The purpose of astrology is to describe trends for a human being or group of humans. On the other hand, magic that has its roots in astrology is an excellent way to reshape or eliminate undesirable trends, to enhance desirable trends, or to generate entirely new trends.

Magic is action upon the extended environment that makes use of life energy and structural links. (See my course "Magic of the Future.")

Astrological magic develops structural links to desirable trends by employing astrological methods. Therefore, before you practice magical astrology, you need to gain a knowledge of natal astrology and of predictive astrology. Natal Astrology is the topic of the first part of this course.

Any type magic that employs energies of astrological factors such as planets and signs is, strictly speaking, astrological magic. Designing a Venus talisman for the purpose of attracting a lover or to become more creative in the arts is astrological magic. So is the evocation of planetary spirits for the purposes of effecting change. It is irrelevant to what magical or religious tradition these spirits correlate.

Magical astrology is a tool that helps us refine the technology of astrological magic. It is an astrology that helps us define and combine the energies that we need for very specific purposes.

Approximate Methods

Magic is action upon the universe. The magician employs life energy and structural links to generate trends. Traditional magicians connected with astrological energies when practicing astrological magic. Then they projected these energies to their target. Usually they calculated the exact time when such action was most favored by astrological trends. This ensured that the astrological trends were best for their magical operation. Some magicians of our days are still very strict in doing their work when the astrological aspects are correct. Magical astrology is the branch of astrology that these magicians employ in their selection of the best times for action. Pop-magicians of our days are not as precise as the more scientific ceremonial magicians. Like followers of the wiccan religion, they are happy with a few rules concerning the path of the Moon through the sky. They do work to increase something when the Moon is waxing and they do work to diminish things when the Moon is waning.

Using more precise methods, magicians have to find a "window" of astrological trends for the optimal effect of their work. However, this waiting for the exact time when a magical action was best limited the magicians' effectiveness considerably. This was especially true when a problem needed immediate attention and did not allow the luxury of waiting.

Consequently magicians went ahead to develop methods that allowed them to generate approximations to the trends they desired. The evocation of one or more planetary spirits is such a way. This practice ensures that the corresponding energies are present during the evocation. The magician uses a variety of methods to get an approximation to a real astrological field. One of these methods is a modification of a planetary spirit with the appropriate energy of a zodiacal sign. Another one is to generate astrological aspects by having the spirits connect with each other.

Modern Methods to Generate Astrological Trends

With the invention of the Welz Chi Generator (orgone generator), this situation changed considerably. The Welz generator furnishes the life energy that is necessary to make an astrological trend powerful. For instance, if you put a structural link that connects with the energies of Mars (such as the magical square of Mars) in front of a Welz Generator, you generate a strong field of these energies. Establish a psychic link with a target person (a target-Link) and you transfer these Mars energies to that person.

That is what magicians of the old school can do as well. The essential difference between the traditional approach and the technological one (with the Welz chi generator) lies in the fact that the Welz Generator supplies life energy continuously. This ensures the continuity of the desired trend. Life energy is the carrier-medium of astrological energies that gives them power. Furthermore, with the invention of the Welz Generator, we can now use a system of twelve (even more) of these life force generating devices, one for each sign, for example! The Astro Trend Generation System 2000 (ATGS 2000) is such a system of twelve Welz generators. In such a system you can set up a zodiac, with planets, signs, houses, even aspects. In fact, with the ATGS 2000 you can now set up astrological energy fields that never occur naturally! The applications of this excellent tool are infinite!

This series of courses will introduce you to the magical astrology that you need to gain the full benefit of the ATGS 2000. Once you have mastered these courses you will be able to set for yourself the parameters of any type of "astrological greenhouse" that you may want -- to change events or for any type magical action. Setting an astrological greenhouse is magical action! As a side benefit you will also learn how to interpret astrological charts.

A New Dimension in Astrology!

With this course I will introduce you to an innovation of epoch making importance in the field of practical astrology. This innovation is the ATGS 2000: The Astro Trend Generation System 2000. With special settings and attachments, this exciting device generates any trend, or astrological energy, you desire. Yes! With the help of Welz Generators, you can now generate any astrological field (chart condition) of your liking! This means that you can now modify, even totally override, any field of transiting or progressed planets. You can even change basic personality traits that appear in the birth chart of a person. In addition to that, you can generate your own astrological trend system that will support you in your quest for success, love, and for any other purpose.

There is more to the ATGS 2000! With the right structural link (or psychic link) it acts at any distance. In other words: you can generate any desired field of astrological energies or trends (even trends that never occur naturally) and then project it to any person, or location, on this planet. All you need is some basic knowledge of astrology and a good structural link to your target person or target area.

This added capability will change for good the practice of astrology.


The Astro Trend Generation System is technology that evolved from new knowledge of the nature of life energies in general and of astrological energies in particular. With it, you are now capable to help your clients more than ever before. Now you have the opportunity to go beyond describing future trends and giving your advice of how your client may use these trends. With the EPG 2000, and, especially, the ATGS 2400 U, you are now able to GENERATE TRENDS for your clients: any TRENDS THEY DESIRE. If you want to be part of an ever growing number of astrologers of the future who go beyond mere consultation services, I invite you to read on. All you need is an open mind and the willingness to make a difference by getting the edge over others because of new astrological technology.

Why Astrology Works

Astrology is an empirical science. Millennia ago it has developed as a result of careful observation of the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets in the zodiacal signs in relation to the time and place of an event. Gradually a huge body of knowledge developed. Thanks to this knowledge, astrologers can describe in detail such things as character, psychological traits, and trends of destiny. They can do so with an accuracy and speed that no "academic method" such as psychology can ever achieve.

Most astrologers assume that astrology works because the earth is surrounded with a field of planetary and zodiacal energies that determine trends of destiny at all times. With the movement of the planets, this field is continuously changing. Many astrologers of our time view these energies as having characteristics very much like the electromagnetic energy that physics describes. Although this type of thinking is a nice compromise with the opinions that are presently dictating academia, it cannot explain many things in astrology. Astrologers who think this way are at a complete loss in the attempt to explain why the astrological effect of planets that are far away is just as strong as the influence of closer planets, and why symbolic directions, progressions, and Arabian parts are useful.

Another group of present day astrologers evades such models completely. They speak of "synchronicity" and of cosmic archetypes. On closer examination, these words seem to be to be nothing more than labels without meaning.

The Horoscope Represents Structural Settings

An excellent and logical model of astrology that explains comprehensively its working comes from a relatively young science: from radionics. Radionics is a technology that is structure oriented. Its results show that it works. Practitioners of radionics, too, have a problem in explaining how their technology works. The holographic approach sounds fascinating, but it is too complicated. To this day I have not seen any new basic technology resulting from the holographic approach.

Our research led us to the conclusion that the reason for the effectiveness of radionics lies in hyper space mathematics, which developed from a thorough analysis of the effects of life energies. It is structure based. Structures of this kind transcend the space time continuum of relativistic physics. From this follow the many applications of radionic practices. For the flow of life energy, and anything attached to it, distance is a result of structural differences! Establish very similar structures and life energy transfers nearly without any dissipation of "loss!" This is so because life energy follows the laws of negative entropy, i.e., the stronger field draws from the weaker!

Astrology, too, finds a better explanation in hyper space mathematics. The zodiac, combined with the ever changing positions of the planets and houses, may be regarded as a structural setting for the event that it describes, very much like radionics. Life energy is the carrier of the spectrum of astrological energies. It establishes a direct link between the planetary positions and the human being. The Solar system, which is object of astrological analysis, can be regarded as a huge radionics box that spans around the place-time position of an event. Seen this way, the workings of symbolic directions are easy to understand, as do progressions, Arabian parts, and other astrological procedures that do not quite fit the current modernistic models of astrology.

The Wise Rules the Stars

Astrologers of ancient times considered astrological energies to be deities. By their positions in the sky, these deities communicated their will. Since they regarded these deities as persons, the ancient astrologers began to devise methods to make deities change their minds. The astro magicians of ancient cultures did what conventional astrologers of modern times have long forgotten: rather than just consulting their clients, they created a workable model that enabled them to change the trends of destiny. In other words: they participated in the shaping of destiny. That is the true meaning of the old saying that the wise rules the stars. Main stream astrologers of our times are too busy compromising with concepts of modern sciences such as psychology and astro physics. Therefore they are incapable of accepting any technology that has evolved from the ancient magical perception of the universe. Since main stream astrologers have not come up with any satisfactory theory on their own to explain why astrology works, they are equally incapable of conceiving a technology that can generate or modify astrological trends. Their ignorance forfeited one basic characteristic of the human species: the skill of modifying the environment to make things happen that would not occur naturally. As a result of this ignorance, the capability of the modern astrologer is reduced to describing trends and to consulting. In no way can we see the mainstream astrologer of our days as being "the wise who rules the stars." A mere consultant never rules!

Astrology and Life Energy

Astrological trends are the result of life energy in interaction with the planetary positions in the Solar system. These planetary positions, as seen from the Earth, take the aspect of being a large radionics device. Our experimental research proved that the energy of the planets is transferred by means of life energy. Life energy is not bound to the space time of electromagnetic vibrations. Its transfer is based on structures. This explains the many phenomena of pyramid energy, crystal energies, Runic energies, ESP, psychic phenomena, magical procedures, etc.

Electromagnetic energy follows the principle of entropy. If you bring together a hot object and a cold object, an energy exchange takes plane that eventually leads to a balance: both objects have the same temperature. Electric energy also operates within the confines of the physical space. Life energy, to the contrary, follows the principle of negative entropy. If you connect two objects of different potentials of life energy, the flow of life energy goes from the stronger object to the weaker one. Life energy is structure related. Simply stated, if you have identical structures, there is no distance for life energies. Magicians of all times have known of this "action at a distance" and they devised their methods accordingly.

From the preceding follows that electromagnetic energy and life energies (Prana, Chi, Orgone, etc.) act like opposite polarities. The interplay of both forms of energy makes life possible.

Our research led us one step further: When we energized symbols that represent the structural qualities of a planet with life energy, we created a strong force field of this planetary energy. On the basis of this principle we developed generators of astrological trends. We developed this technology further to send the astrological trends to any target. This was possible with a structural link, or "psychic link." The technology that we developed led naturally to the technology of the astrological greenhouse.

The Astrological Greenhouse

The seasons of the year are cyclical in nature. The climate of plant growth is in the main determined by the motion of the Sun. Each season has its own characteristics. The seasons determine when it is good to sow, to cultivate, and to harvest. The astrological climate is comparable to the seasonal climate. The positions of the stars indicate when it is good to begin something, when an action is favorable, and when it is better to diplomatically delay and wait.

Since ancient times, human beings have devised methods to be less dependent on the challenges of the environment. The seasonal cycle of sowing, growing, and harvesting is such a challenge. In a greenhouse, you can grow whatever you want independent from the outside climate. This is so because in a greenhouse you create the climate that you find most appropriate for the plants you intend to cultivate.

With a system of Welz Generators such as the ATGS 2000, you are now capable of generating an astrological climate that you can custom tailor to the individual, depending on his or her needs or wants. Just as a greenhouse protects plants from the biting frosts of the winter outside and allows lush growth, so can a well-tuned ATGS 2000 cause an astrological climate that provides you with decisive success at times when the overall cosmic trends are not promising at all.

The new technology of the Welz Generator allows you to make the step from being ruled by the stars to being wise who rules of cosmic energies. 'Everything has its time,' says the astrologer-consultant. 'I can make the right time for everything,' says the Astro Trend Manager, or Astro Technician, who uses the ATGS 2000.

With the ATGS 2000, you can now build your own astrological greenhouse to make your dreams come true. You can use the same technology to generate the trends that cause others to do your bidding. Therefore, the astrological greenhouse gives you a decisive advantage in any one of your endeavors: be it success in love, business, power aspirations, or spiritual ventures.

In the following lessons you will find the instructions that you need to properly tune your ATGS 2000. This course is also a good introduction into astrology.

With this course, you are going to be introduced into the following:

1. A description of the energetic fundamentals of astrology. What are the energies that astrology describes? How do these energies relate to each other within the realm of the solar system? How do they correlate to human beings, life, and events that we observe on this planet.

2. A system to interpret natal charts that you can learn and apply with ease. I am using the key word method that allows the intelligent student to delineate a natal chart after a very short period of study.

3. A similar system that helps you to describe the field of astrological energies in more generalized terms.

4. Methods that help you in the timing of events, using the existing astrological positions.

5. Methods to create for yourself any astrological system of trends that you desire to help you succeed in your goals. At that time you will be able to rule the stars in a way that would make the ancient astro magicians very jealous. Needless to say, it is the high-tech approach of the ATGS 2000 that makes this possible!

The Energetic Basis of Astrology

There is no event of this planet for which we could not design an astrological chart, or horoscope. This is simply so because our planet is surrounded by the planets of our Solar system and the stars at all times!

The astrological chart, or horoscope, is a map that we draw. In this map we show the position of the planets, stars, and other astrological factors, at the time of an event. The astrological chart is a map that serves a purpose. Therefore many factors that are not relevant for the astrological interpretation, such as the distance of the planetary bodies, are left out. All that counts is the position of the planet in the sky that we observe.

Using methods of interpretation that have developed throughout the millennia as an empirical science, we derive from the astrological chart descriptions of the event that it represents.

We have reason to believe that the zodiac acts like a gigantic radionic device, the structure of which is transfered by the life force of the universe.

The Astronomical Basis of Astrology

Every event that we analyze astrologically has its place and its time on our planet, or in relation to our planet.

An astrological chart, then, maps the positions of the astrological factors, mainly planets, houses and signs, around the place of this event at the time of the event.

Because an event is understood as having specific space-time coordinates, there is no event on this planet for which we cannot erect an astrological chart that corresponds to these coordinates.

The fundamental factors in an astrological chart are the positions of the stars and planets in relation to the event that the chart relates to. The astrological chart is a graphic representation of the actual positions of the astrological factors around the event. Being an abstraction, factors that are irrelevant for the interpretation of the chart are left out.

The system of astrological houses is a twelve-fold subdivision of the horizon that surrounds the event. The houses describe the fields of manifestation of astrological trends.

The fixed stars, Sun, Moon, and planets appear to revolve around the place as a result of the rotation of the Earth around its axis. In this apparent motion, the Sun, Moon, planets and stars make a complete orbit around the place once every day. In this daily orbit, these celestial bodies travel through all twelve houses once a day. Consequently the impact of a planet will manifest differently with each house through which it passes in its daily orbit.

The planets, Sun and Moon are moving in relation to the background of the seemingly "fixed" stars at their own speeds. These celestial bodies remain close to an imaginary circle in the sky that astronomers call the "ecliptic."

This circle, the ecliptic, is subdivided into twelve equal parts, which are the astrological signs. The signs modify the planetary functions, i.e., they are used to describe the manner in which the planets operate.

In their path through the ecliptic, the planets continuously change their positions relative to each other, forming different angles to each other. If these angles fall within the range of specific degrees, we say that the planets in question are in mutual aspect. In the astrological interpretation, two planets in aspect indicate that their functions interact more strongly. The nature of the aspect determines whether such interaction is of a harmonic or disharmonic nature. The exactness of the aspect determines its power. How to read a chart

In the following I will not give you an introduction of astronomy as it relates to astrology. This you will learn in a later part of your studies.

What is essential at the beginning of your studies is that you learn how to read an astrological chart and that you understand its structure. This is so because the chart is the basis for astrological interpretation and for astrological magic, or the creation of trends.

In the booklet that comes with this course you learn how to draw and read a chart. In this course I will not bother you with teaching the primitive twelve-equal-wedges chart drawing that is still in use in the English speaking countries. It is a chart that shows the position of houses and planets in the signs of the zodiac. The twelve-equal-wedges chart is worthless if you want to practice effective astrological magic.

After you finish studying this booklet I suggest that you order a printout of your chart, or, better yet, order a blank chart and the data of your chart, then inscribe the planets, houses, and aspects yourself as shown in the booklet. To use your own chart adds a fascinating new dimension to your studies of astrology.

To have your chart calculated, you need to give us the following data: Your date and year of birth, the time of your birth and the place of your birth.

The Sample Chart

As I have pointed out above, the chart represents the positions of the planets and signs as they were found at the time of the event for which the chart was erected. For you to understand better the elements of the chart, I am proceeding step by step.

As you can see on pages 4 through 7, the zodiac is subdivided in twelve signs. The signs of the zodiac are arranged in a counterclockwise manner, beginning with the sign of Aries. The zodiac has a full circle of 360 degrees. Therefore each of the zodiacal signs has 30 degrees of arc.

In the zodiac we have marked another twelve fold subdivision. This subdivision is the system of astrological houses. Each of these houses represents a field of life experiences, or a sphere of life. The houses are arranged in a counterclockwise manner. Each house is marked with a number. Some astrologers prefer Roman numerals for the twelve houses. At the beginning of each house you see a number and a letter that tell you in which sign the house falls and in what degree and minute of the sign.

The beginning of the house is also called the cusp of the house. As you can see in the chart, the signs are always 30 degrees each, while the houses are never 30 degrees each.

The axis that connects the first and seventh house cusps is called the horizon, while the axis between the tenth and fourth house cusps is called the meridian.

The cusp of the first house is the ascendant, or rising degree. This is so because the ascendant is the point of the ecliptic that rises in the East at the time of the event.

The cusp of the tenth house is the Mid heaven. It is the point of the ecliptic (the yearly path of the sun through the sky) that is above the place of the event at the time of the event.

Because of the rotation of the Earth, all signs orbit apparently through ascendant, mid heaven and the other houses once every day.

In astrology ascendant and mid heaven are treated very much like planets, i.e., the aspects of these points with planets are considered in the astrological interpretation.

At the beginning of each house (its cusp) you find numbers that indicate its position in the sign: 25 le 45 means that the house cusp falls in 25 degrees 45 minutes of arc of the sign of Leo.

This chart shows the position of the planets in the zodiac for the time of the event. Again, each planet has its symbol, and its position in the sign is marked with the appropriate numbers and letters.

If we combine both charts, the chart of the houses and the chart of the planets, we have all significant points of the astrological chart inscribed.

Below you see the same chart twice: in the primitive twelve equal wedges manner and in the scientific manner that we use for astrological magic.

As an exercise you may take the planetary and house positions of your birth time and put them into the chart step by step:

First you enter the houses, then the planets. This is topped off by drawing the aspects between planets, ascendant and mid heaven into the chart. We will deal with the planetary aspects later.

In the following lessons, we will work through the elements that we are going to use for natal astrology and for magical astrology.

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This web site contains a free astrology course in seven lessons. The approach that we take here to teach natal astrology is the method of connecting astrological key words.  In fact, this course in astrology is designed that you can interpret an astrological chart after reading this course in astrology once.  Simply follow the instructions given in this course when interpreting the horoscope and others may be inclined to believe that you have been studying astrology for a long time!  Knowing your keywords, of course, will eventually be a must to practice natal astrology.  The mastery of natal astrology using the key word method will make it a lot easier to make predictions with the help of astrology and, eventually, help others and yourself by using the knowledge astrology in generating desired effects:  to cause positive permanent change in all areas of experience:  relationships, business, money, etc. Astrology is a powerful help in any form of magick:  You set the desired astrological trend and power such settings with life force. You find a good description of this powerful combination of astrology and magick in the web site http://www.magitech.com.
On this web site you find Keywords in Astrology. Keywords of Planets, Signs, Houses, and Aspects, and how to connect these keywords to Interpretations.
Basic Horoscope Structures in Astrology and their Interpretation, Astrology for Magicians.
You find how Astrology can be Used to Generate  and Manage Trends. Abbreviations of Signs, Planets, and Houses help you establish easy to read formulas for Interpretation in Natal Astrology.
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