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The Key of Solomon the King (Clavis Salomonis)

Use the Welz Chi Generators for Powerful Magick

Book I

Chapter I - Concerning the Divine Love which ought to precede the acquisition of this knowledge
Chapter II - Of the days and hours and the virtues of the planets
Chapter III - Concerning the arts
Chapter IV - The confession to be made by the exorcist
Chapter V - Prayers and conjurations
Chapter VI - Stronger and more potent conjuration
Chapter VII - An extremely powerful conjuration
Chapter VIII - Concerning the medals or pentacles, and the manner of constructing them
Chapter IX - Of the Experiment concerning things stolen, and how it should be performed
Chapter X - Of the experiment of invisibility, and how it should be performed
Chapter XI - To hinder a sportsman from killing any game
Chapter XII - How to make the magic garters
Chapter XIII - How to make the magic carpet proper for interrogating the intelligences, so as to obtain an answer regarding whatsoever matter one may wish to learn
Chapter XIV - How to render thyself master of a treasure possessed by the spirits
Chapter XV - Of the experiment of seeking favor and love
Chapter XVI - How operations of mockery, invisibility, and deceit should be prepared
Chapter XVII - How extraordinary experiments and operations should be prepared
Chapter XVIII - Concerning the pentacles or medals
The Pentacles
How to use the Welz Chi Generator to make this extraordinary Magick even more powerful

Book II
Chapter I - At what hour after the preparation of all things necessary, we should bring the exercise of the art to perfection
Chapter II - In what manner the master of the art should keep, rule, and govern himself
Chapter III - How the companions of the master of the art ought to regulate and govern themselves
Chapter IV - concerning the fasting, care, and things to be observed
Chapter V - Concerning the baths, and how they are to be arranged
Chapter VI - Of the garments and shoes of the art
Chapter VII - Of places we may conveniently execute the experiments and operations of the art
Chapter VIII - Of the knife, sword, sickle, poniard, dagger, lance, wand, staff, and other instruments of magical art
Chapter IX - Of the formation of the circle
Chapter X - Concerning incense, suffumigations, perfumes, odors, and similar things which are used in magical arts
Chapter XI - Of the water, and of the hyssop
Chapter XII - Of the light, and of the fire
Chapter XIII - Concerning the precepts of the art
Chapter XIV - Of the pen, ink, and colors
Chapter XV - Of the pen of the swallow and of the crow
Chapter XVI - Of the blood of the bat, pigeon, and other animals
Chapter XVII - Of virgin parchment, or virgin paper, and how it should be prepared
Chapter XVIII - Of wax and virgin earth
Chapter XIX - Concerning the needle and other iron instruments
Chapter XX - Concerning the silken cloth
Chapter XXI - Concerning characters, and the consecration of the magical book
Chapter XXII - Concerning sacrifices to the spirits, and how they should be made
Use of the Chi Generator® with the Key of Solomon the King


You find instructions of how to use the Chi Generator® in the manual that comes with it.

You can also read up on the manual in

The instructions given here are specific to the Key of Solomon. In fact, using the equipment will make things a lot easier for the magician.

Here we simply give a few suggestions for some of the chapters.

Chapter II

If you for some reason cannot use the appropriate day and hour, as indicated in this chapter, do the following:
In front of the output pipe of your generator, put the universal pentacle (the design in chapter I in reversed position ("upside down").
On top of it you put the symbol of the planet(s) in question, day first and, if another planet, hour on top. As symbols you may use the planetary squares. Or planetary talismans.


Entities have more ease to appear and to perform services if they are given energy. If you use an evocative triangle, put an orgone generator inside or a transfer diagram. This is easier and more effective, more powerful, easier, and less time consuming than the old methods of sacrificing or of projecting life force.

In fact, a strong life force field in place is a point of attraction for most entities. Franz Bardon mentioned "building up the atmosphere for the entity". Life force is a very important part in this type operation!

Chapter VIII

The same holds for charging of medals, pentacles, talismans, etc. A strong life energy field can (1) attract the appropriate entity to charge the talisman, (2) supply you with massive life force for the charging process, and (3) charge the various ingredients, oils, incenses, etc., that you are using to make these medals, etc.

Chapter IX

A bit of mind control with the generator and radionics device can go a long way towards success!

Same with chapter XI

Especially Chapter XV!!!

Basically, a Welz Chi Generator can help in all situations where strong life force is needed.

When working the magick on another person, you can support that operation with radionic settings (rates), which you should establish during the magickal operation. The strong life force field makes the thought form that you created with the magickal operation very effective!

If you do not have a Welz Chi Generator®, we can send you a transfer diagram and set you up for energy transfer on one of your Heavy Duty devices to power your operations:

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